There was a week-long Gasp as the news leaked that Dayton’s last real record shop was closing. I am sure many of you did the same mental calculation I did “hmm let me see when was the last time I was in there… ah and when was the last time I purchased an album there? -Yikes!”  Sad as it is (and not to diminish our loss) we could see that this was inevitable. In so many downtown circles there is much conjecture on what might fill the void.  At a recent soiree some women were talking about how lovely it would be to see a grocery go in there. Eureka! There is plenty of parking and wonderful windows to show of lovely piles of local, organic produce. So much room for all natural, deli style prepared foods. Even a nice wide sidewalk where an outdoor fruit stand might thrive.  Anyone with access to about a half million bucks and a love of food please leave your name and telephone number



Produce Display