All those with an affinity for Yellow Springs inevitably also have a soft spot for the Oregon District. This concept provides a taste of each for the other. Retail space in the Oregon District allows for all of the Yellow Springs shops to display and sell merchandise under one roof.  Perhaps a few plants from the Plant Man, art form the various Yellow Springs Galleries and merchandise from retail shops such as: Urban Handmade, Kismet, Pangaea, the Tibet Bazaar and even books from Dark Star.  Displays would commingle goods and retailers could rotate inventory to give a fresh look and provide opportunity for all the shops to participate. Conversely, space is provided in Yellow Springs for the Oregon Auxiliary shop which would feature art from the various Galleries, Books from Bonnets and merchandise from shops such as Jimmy Modern and Feathers.  This concept provides an opportunity to link two thriving art communities of Dayton and attract additional exposure for each while providing retailers a second venue to purvey goods.