Community gardens are popping up all over Dayton and for good reasons! Many of our urban neighbors don’t have enough room to do the type of gardening that they’d like to. Community gardens provide a wonderful opportunity for the neighborhood to come together as a community.  Gardening together offers unlimited opportunities to meet neighbors, network and socialize. The importance of eating local, organic and sustainable foods has been the focus of many books, articles and movies. The urban farming trend is an important way of putting vacant lots to use. The empty lot at the corner of 6th and Brown street would make a wonderful Oregon District Community Garden. The location though not central, is prominent and close to the restaurants on 5th street. Opening the garden to participation from the Oregon District restaurants would provide a great opportunity to link the Oregon District neighborhood community with the business community in a positive way. Chefs would be able to feature ingredients grown in the Oregon District on their menus. Other projects such as bee keeping and composting could be added in safe and attractive ways, further promoting these important sustainable urban projects.  This project will also enhance the Oregon District property values.  When  someone is considering purchasing a home with little or no yard they may be swayed by the presence of a community garden.

Urban Garden