There has been much speculation as to what should be done with the paved area in the Oregon District’s Newcom Park. Some suggest it should be transformed into a Bocce Ball Court; others think there is enough room to put in a Skating Rink. We think it would make a wonderful dog run and could become a great asset to the community.  Creating leash free open spaces for responsible pet owners has been shown to have numerous benefits to the surrounding community. There are so many reasons that this would be great for the Oregon District and as an added bonus, it is a proven fact that Dog runs/parks increase property values in urban neighborhoods!

  • Dog parks add to the livability of a densely populated area with small yards;
  • Well-exercised dogs are tired dogs, and tired dogs are good neighbors;
  • Dog parks create a sense of community;
  • Dog parks draw pedestrians to local business districts;
  • Dog parks discourage crime and loitering ;
  • Most trainers will agree that dogs socialize best in open areas because they are on neutral territory and not constrained by their leashes.

A dog run in no way prevents neighbors from enjoying the health benefits of walking a dog but it does provide a resource for pet owners who are in ill health or short on time – pets that might not be exercised at all otherwise.  Dog runs reduce the number of pets being walked off leash on streets and in parks, a practice that creates stress and anxiety for many including neighbors with small dogs and children.

The dog run could be created with very little expense. The existing paved area would remain and attractive fencing and benches would be added as well as a water source. The American Kennel Club which advocates for dog runs and dog parks has rules of conduct which would be adopted for safety and comfort.  Please visit: for more information. And, if you live in the District, give a Board Member a call and let them know what you think!