With the recent beautification of the train overpass on Wayne Avenue by Fourth Street and Garden Station we were thinking it would be a good time to extend that forward momentum down Wayne Avenue to the 35 overpass between the Oregon District and South Park.

Three things we’d like to accomplish:

  1. Trim back the plants.  The wild plants on both sides of the overpass have become overgrown.  A couple hours of neighborhood clean up and a good pruning will eliminate a current safety issue on the overpass.
  2. Better lighting. This could be done by simply changing out the bulbs in the existing lamps for brighter bulbs or by tying more lamps into the existing system.
  3. A mural.  The murals on the Fourth Street train overpass have helped Garden Station transform a formerly sparse area into an inviting environment. We will need some talented muralists to tackle the slanting walls and large columns of the 35 overpass, but given the overwhelming number of ideas presented for murals on Fourth Street and Garden Station, we know the talent is in Dayton!

We hope that we will be able to fund this initiative by combining resources from both the Oregon District and South Park.  Do you have other ideas for how to improve the overpass?  Let us know what they are!