Well folks, we have to apologize for not being very good bloggers these past few weeks. We have been following the progress of Oregon District neighbors working very hard to make the Oregon Community Garden a reality. Here is the scoop:

At a recent Oregon District function permission was given by the owner of the vacant lot at the corner of 6th and Brown to repurpose the lot as a community garden. Neighbors in the Oregon District, old and young, worked together to make the project happen. One neighbor was able to garner a donation of some 200 organic, heirloom vegetable plants from Deal’s Landscaping. The plants were mature, root bound and needed to be planted in two weeks time. Well, this band of Would Be Gardeners worked many hours to jump through all the proverbial hoops. A Certificate of Appropriateness was obtained. Beneficiaries were approached and pledged enough seed money to pay for four demonstration beds which would house the Deal’s plants. A crew was assembled to build the beds and soil and compost were sourced. Time was of the essence to make use of the plants but the Would Be Gardeners heard that some neighbors were concerned that the garden not be similar to Garden Station (which the Concerned Neighbors consider “shabby looking”). In an effort to reassure the Concerned Neighbors and demonstrate that the garden would be tidy and historically appropriate, CAD drawings were drafted showing that the garden would be laid out in a formal style similar to an English potager garden. The drawings depict a lovely raised bed garden laid out like a compass on the lot with an herb spiral in the center. The Concerned Neighbors seemed appeased, even encouraging but then, unwilling to directly communicate with the Would Be Gardeners, sent word through an intermediary that that they had changed their minds. They want to put a meadow on the lot…  yah a meadow. Well to make a long story short, one particularly vocal Concerned Neighbor, who believes that all community gardens are shabby, derailed the project, the plants died and the Would Be Gardeners became depressed. They were sad for the loss of the plants and for the loss of the many hours spent trying to transform the lot from a vacant unused space into an asset to their community. But, they were also sad because one sour neighbor was able to bring the entire project to and end. We are told these Pollyannaish Would Be Gardeners spent some time sulking and then picked up the pieces and moved on.  Currently they are working on locating another place for the Garden. Right now they are rushing against time again to try to bring the Oregon Community Garden to life on a little plot of land on Park Manor Grounds.

We will keep you posted of their progress…