Yesterday evening we learned that the City is dropping their complaint against the knitted art (see email transcript below). They hope that the Oregon District can learn to play nice without involving the City.

What can we all take away from all this? The power of social media has been wielded.  In our anonymous poll,  77 voted in favor of leaving the art up vs. 2 for taking it down and requiring permits. More significantly, from what we could tell,  100% of the online comments were pro Knitters our story was posted on facebook by Dayton MostMetro, Lisa Grigsby, Kate Ervin and the Official Oregon District facebook page.  When the members of our broader community have the opportunity to voice their opinions, we have the power to triumph over those loud and insistent Sour Apples.  Social media is our new weapon against Single Sour Apple syndrome – let’s use it to benefit our city and make Dayton a better place.

From:        “Gower, John”
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Date:        06/30/2010 03:46 PM
Subject:        RE: Knitted Art Installation & the OBDA


We looked at the poles last night. At this time I don’t believe that there is a public safety issue.

However, we are asking the Oregon community to resolve/reconcile whatever issue(s) there might be among themselves.  We have offered the services of the Dayton Mediation Center to achieve this. We are viewing this as an opportunity for the Oregon community to hone, enhance and improve their community building/listening/communication skills.

I would encourage you and your colleagues to connect with the others in the district that may agree or disagree and take this opportunity to help one another reach a consensus.

Thank you.

John Gower