We have it on good authority that the same anonymous caller that complained to the city about the Knit Art installation just lodged another complaint about art in the Oregon District. Earlier today we learned that one of the city’s youngest artists is now being targeted by this sour grape in the OD.  A three year old resident of the District has been asked to cease and desist his chalk drawings because they “encourage graffiti”.

Get a grip! Can we all agree that this Oregon District resident has really lost his marbles? Chalk drawings encourage graffiti – what’s next! We are told that some of the neighbors in the OD have nicknamed that constant sour grape the “Emperor With No Clothes”.

The majority of people who are buying houses in the District are young, under 40. If you alienate your potential homeowners, fewer people will buy houses and property values will go down.  In many ways, the young people who are living in the district are exactly the kind of involved, active neighbors every neighborhood wants.  Many attend OHDS meetings (which have notoriously low turnout), serve as block captains, chair committees, volunteer, etc.  A very small group of catty neighbors are giving the whole Oregon District a reputation for being unwelcoming and trite. The residents, young and old, need to stop enabling these negative attitudes and work together to ensure the long term survival and growth of their neighborhood.